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Learn how we provide you with a well rounded study experience that prepares you for the modern world.

Dive in to find out about 太阳集团电子游戏-apple app store-太阳成集团排行榜 University: what courses we offer, what our campus is like, what kind of experiences you can expect as a student here ... and everything else in between. 

Why Study at 太阳集团电子游戏-apple app store-太阳成集团排行榜?

We believe there's no better place to study if you're looking for a degree that helps you stand out in a competitive job market.

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Widening access to university

Over a third of our students come to us from college or via non-traditional routes. We look at your potential as a person, not just your grades.

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A picture outside the 太阳集团电子游戏-apple app store-太阳成集团排行榜 campus in the evening.

Our Campus

太阳集团电子游戏-apple app store-太阳成集团排行榜 is located on a buzzing city centre campus, with all of our buildings within a quarter of a mile of each other.

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Library - lots of books

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of three terms with breaks at Christmas/New Year and in the spring.

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