Why jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜)?

Why jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜)?

At jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜), we're proud of our students and graduates, and we believe there's no better place to study if you're looking for a degree that helps you become an exceptional candidate in an increasingly competitive job market.

Here are a few more reasons why jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜) is a great place to study ...

Teaching is everything to us

But don't just take it from us:

  • Sunday Times 2020 UK University of the Year for Teaching Quality.
  • Guardian University Guide 2020 Top 10 in UK for Student Satisfaction with Teaching, Course and Feedback.
  • National Student Survey 2020 Top 10 UK Universities for Student Satisfaction.
  • Global top 10 for post-grad degrees, and top 20 for undergraduate in Video Games Education says The Princeton Review 2022.

jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜) is small and friendly

jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜) is much more than your average university:

  • We are small and we like it that way! It gives us room to get to know you as a student, and provide you with the kind of personal and academic support you won’t find in a larger University.
  • Small class sizes so you’re on first name terms with your lecturers.
  • Bumping into friends in between classes.
  • You're a name not a number. 
Group of people standing chatting in a food laboratory

jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜) gets you work-ready

jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜) degrees are vocational, which means the skills and knowledge you learn are created in partnership with industry. So we know what they want and we know exactly how to teach it.

  • Getting your CV in shape whilst studying through a series of work placements.
  • Learning first hand from local and international companies.
  • Getting the hang of your future job in our industry-standard facilities.

Whatever you choose to do afterwards, you will be work-ready and able to seize employment opportunities from the very start.

Three people sitting on sofas talking

jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜) is university life in a big small city

Don’t just take our word for it. Our students, staff, alumni and industry placement partners all have pretty complimentary things to say about us. They agree that when it comes to your future, you should say no to same-old, same-old, and do it differently at jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜).

  • Thriving professional industries with a student-filled social scene.
  • Big enough for all-night bakeries, small enough to get around on foot.
  • You can live student life to its fullest and not break the (your!) bank.


Group of people sitting chatting in a coffee shop

Say No to Same

Say yes to different. Say yes to jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜).

There's nothing average about jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载-jdb五龙夺宝捕鱼官方下载手机版-apple app store-jdb五龙夺宝有限公司(No.1排行榜)We are a specialist university with internationally recognised tech-driven degrees such as Ethical Hacking and Computer Games, as well as top Business and Social Science degrees.

Our degrees are applied, ideal for students who want to specialise immediately in their chosen subject, as the focus is on the main degree subject from Year 1. 

Whatever kind of degree you study, and whatever you choose to do afterwards, it's reassuring to know that your degree will be recognised and valued.


About Dundee

Did you know that Dundee has made some amazing contributions to video games, medical research and comic books over the years? 也不会就此止步.

With the the V & A museum right beside the River Tay, loads of cafes, restaurants and bars, and our vibrant digital and creative industries going full steam ahead, it’s no wonder we're feeling pretty good. GQ magazine even named us 'the UK’s coolest little city'!

So what exactly does this big small city have to offer you?

  • Affordability - You’ll get the best possible uni experience that’s not on a shoestring budget.
  • Friends for life - The chance to make loads of memories with a tonne of people. 1 in 6 people here are students!
  • An active social life – From Brewdog, to the DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts), to the local beach, you’ve got plenty of options to unwind from your studies.
  • Convenience – we’re a compact city that’s well connected. Just a 10 minute drive will land you in the beautiful Scottish countryside or an hour on the train will take you to Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow.
  • Vitamin D - Weren’t expecting that one huh? Dundee’s the sunniest city in Scotland so you can stock up on the (cool) Scottish sunshine!

You could be spending up to 4 years with us so it’s important you have all the facts. Find out more about why we think living here in Dundee is so great.

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